About Us

In 1978, William and Mata Rodopoulos opened their first pizza restaurant, Mata’s Town Pizza, in Billerica, Massachusetts. Motivated by her love of cooking, Mrs. Rodopoulos worked diligently on developing her own recipes for bread and pizza doughs, which she continued to perfect over the next several years. However, it was Mrs. Rodopoulos’ love of family that brought her and her pizza restaurant to Anniston, Alabama. When Mr. and Mrs. Rodopoulos’ daughter Linda and son-in-law Patrick Burke moved to Anniston to work at the Calhoun County Mental Health Center as therapists and certified psychometrists, the rest of the close-knit family followed close behind. Linda’s brother, William Rodopoulos Jr., also moved to Anniston and attended Anniston High School and Jacksonville State University.

In 1980, only a few months after relocating, Mr. and Mrs. Rodopoulos opened their second restaurant, Mata’s Greek Pizza & Grinders. Proud of her product and the positive response she received from her patrons, Mata Rodopoulos continuously poured her heart into her business. By 1986, Patrick and Linda decided to leave their jobs at the Mental Health Center to devote their time and effort to the increasing demands of the restaurant. Patrick and Linda’s son and daughter, William and Mata, have also helped at the restaurant since they were very young and feel a strong connection to the city of Anniston.

William graduated from Birmingham Southern College with honors in 2007 with a major in business administration and hopes to continue the family business. Mata graduated from Vanderbelt University with honors in 2009 and is currently attending medical school at the University of Alabama Birmingham. She plans on practicing medicine in the Anniston area when she completes her education.  

This year, Mata’s Greek Pizza is celebrating its thirty second year anniversary. The family would like to thank all of its customers, staff and supporters for making Mata’s a part of their community.

In loving memory of William Rodopoulos Jr. (1985) Mata Rodopoulos (2007) and William Rodopoulos (2010).